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5 Foods that Increase Your Metabolism

Everyone knows the importance of eating healthy – apart from helping your body perform better, it’s one of the key aspects to keeping your body fit and in perfect shape.

A little secret we’d like to share is the fact that there are some super foods that can help you keep your diet golden and increase your metabolism.

1) Grapefruit
According to past research, grapefruits can help reduce insulin levels – which in turn helps your body process food faster. The faster this happens, the less fat you keep stored in your body and the more calories you burn.

2) Green Tea
Green tea is well-known for it’s wide array of benefits. The caffeine found in green tea helps accelerate your heart rate and also increases your metabolism. What’s great is that the chemical EGCG is found in green tea – an ingredient that stimulates your nervous system and allows your body to burn calories at a faster rate.

3) Almonds
While almonds are known to be high in calories, they are filled with essential fatty acids that do wonders to boost your metabolism.

4) Oatmeal
A classic breakfast option, oatmeal is one of the super foods that is rich in fat soluble fiber, which means that it requires a lot of calories to break down. In addition to this, it also helps reduce cholesterol levels.

5) Hot Peppers
While it might sound like an odd option, hot peppers contain capsaicin – a chemical that helps boost your metabolism, and also helps to keep the calorie burn going for longer after you have finished your meal.

Reach for these snacks the next time you are looking for something to nibble on. Not only are they good for you, but they can actually help you loose weight the more that you eat them!

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