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Bad Breath – Halitosis

Bad breath

“Bad Breath” could be an embarrassing problem and can affect relationships in business and private life. The good news is that “It Is Preventable”.

Causes of Bad breath:

There are several factors that cause bad breath like:

The type of food we consume.

Irregular brushing and flossing.

Gum disease and infection.

Dry mouth.


Medical conditions like diabetes.

 Treatment of bad breath:

For a chronic bad breath, which is the bad breath “that never goes away”! , you need to visit your dentist to source out the problem.

Working on the original cause through regular visits to the dentist, along with the thorough cleaning by the hygienist on original bases.

Sticking to the standard measures of brushing and flossing  and using tongue cleaner at home.


All the above guarantee a fresh breath and the confident feeling when people are around you.


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