Slimming Services

Get your slim body with our slimming services, which give you the opportunity to finally get reduce fat areas of your body – without any dieting and gym.

At Drs. Hadi and Hofmann we provide advanced non-invasive weight loss solutions that help to easily reduce fat. Currently, we are introducing the 3-MAX Ultrasonic Cavitation and Cool Shape freezing fat technology for our slimming services program.Ultrasonic Cavitation and Cool Shape freezing is the process of converts fat cells into liquid using low frequent ultrasound energy. Both technologies are familiar with the weight loss management industry as they provide fat reduction without any surgery, in addition to being more convenient due to the low session times, which are no longer than 1 hour.

For more information about these technologies work in order to reduce fat cells, watch our video explaining the process and science behind the slimming services program.

The great benefits provided by the 3-MAX and Coolshape are extensive, which is why it is becoming an increasingly popular method of body sculpting:

  • Provides visible results within the first session.
  • Great for toning flabby areas.
  • Less than an hour needed for every session.
  • Little to no recovery time after each session.
  • Risk free procedure due to its non-surgical quality.
  • Painless